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CEO Message

Look into the MCI Dream, understand our desire to build a company that considers others with a belief that people and their diversity represent our wealth; but also an aspiration to leave a mark and be a shining example of innovation, quality and corporate responsibility leadership.



Explore MCI’s strategic approach to sustainability. Since 2007 we have been developing our commitments as a signatory to the UN Global Compact, guided by the concept of a balanced triple bottom line of People, Planet & Profit.


Stakeholders and Materiality

Identify our approach to stakeholder engagement and the issues they think are important for us to address.


Why Sustainability Matters

Discover how key environmental, economic and social trends are and will continue to significantly affect our clients, our business and society over the next few decades.


Sustainable Events

Events are our core business, with over 4,200 live experience projects managed on behalf of our clients in 2013. Learn how we help our clients to apply sustainability as a powerful filter to improve and innovate in their events & businesses while reducing their negative impact on the planet.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Examine our approach to sustainable procurement. We value our suppliers as key partners in achieving our clients’ objectives and 100% of our global preferred suppliers are working in line with our sustainability policy.



Explore our commitment to transparency and desire to improve the performance of our sustainability processes and promote accountability in good business practice. We report using the new GRI G4 Reporting Framework and the United Nations Global Compact COP Framework.


Corporate Governance

Determine our approach to governance, compliance with laws, industry codes of conduct and how MCI’s own strong values and guiding principles shape our business and provide the foundation on which we engage with society, clients, partners and suppliers.