Compliance and effective governance lie at the heart of good business practice. Compliance with laws, industry codes of conduct and MCI’s own strong values and guiding principles forms the basis of how we do business and is the foundation on which we engage and build trust with our talent, clients, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our Approach

MCI’s advisory board, executive committee, business board and regional management boards ensure the tone of good governance and sustainability at board level and below.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (Conseil d’Administration) is the highest governance body of MCI and an external entity which is required by Swiss law. The Board is responsible for reviewing the overall strategic direction and performance of MCI.

The members of the Advisory Board are elected by the shareholders during the Annual General Meeting and they are elected for a period of 3 years. Their mandate may be renewed, subject to approval by the shareholders. Candidates are proposed by the Advisory Board itself, and the main criterion applied is expertise and experience in business in general, as well as related to the industry in which MCI operates. Also, MCI has in recent years attracted two external investors and as part of the investment agreement each investor has been offered a seat on the Advisory Board (again, subject to the vote of the shareholders).

The Advisory Board currently consists of 9 permanent members and a Secretary. In addition, the CFO of MCI is a permanent “invitee.” Three of the members come from the Executive Committee (the Secretary being the fourth member of the Executive Committee). Two members of the Advisory Board represent the two external investors. The remaining 4 seats are held by both industry experts (Travel / Event Management) and generalists (IT Services / Procurement). None of the members holds interests with competing organisations or related parties, this having been verified prior to nomination. The President and the CEO are members of the founding family of MCI and hold a controlling stake in the company.

Executive Committee

MCI’s day-to-day management is in the hands of its Executive Committee, a team of four members including the CEO, Group President, Chairman and Executive Vice President. Their role is to set  the overall strategic direction of MCI  and manage our performance.

Business Board

The role of the Business Board is to manage MCI from a “Service Portfolio” perspective and this body continuously assesses our services as well as our positioning in the industry and potential future developments. Finance, sales, account management and expansion are standard topics on their agenda and they meet twice yearly.

Regional Management Board

Each region has a Management Board, which is composed of (Regional) Managing Directors as well as key HQ Directors and the Executive Commitee. Together they manage the Group from a geographical perspective and they meet in a different regional setting twice a year to discuss matters ranging from business planning to execution and from finances to growth and development.