As the CEO of MCI, each day can provide challenges and issues that need resolving across our business, however there are also days that give me great pride and inspiration. Putting together our sustainability story is one of those tasks that makes me happy to do what I do.

Digesting the wide spectrum of global sustainability trends also highlights the size of the task in front of us. Looking back, I’ve been diligently observing how sustainability has moved from the fringes of our business to the heart of our business strategy and growth plans. I’ve witnessed how our teams use the philosophy to innovate, deliver industry-transforming projects and care for the planet and each other – both professionally and in their personal lives.

2013 was a good year for MCI financially and a great year for our sustainability programme. I am incredibly proud to see how our sustainability initiatives have developed and become an integral part of MCI’s culture, and this report is evidence of the good progress that we are making within our organisation and industry.

However, I also believe that we are at a turning point in our sustainability strategy and are now determined to move to an exciting next phase. This is why the report is based on the theme “Where the Future begins.”

It’s now seven years since we became a signatory of the UN Global Compact and took our first steps towards developing a more sustainable business. In that time the world has changed, and there has been a fundamental shift in how corporates, associations and governments address social and environmental issues.

Accelerating urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity, fundamental shifts in global economic power and demographics, technological breakthroughs and dramatic shifts in transparency: each of these alone are pushing business, governments and associations to adapt. Together, they require MCI and our clients to embrace change, innovate and to collaborate.

While these megatrends pose substantial challenges, they also present exciting opportunities for MCI and for the stakeholders we serve. As our sustainability services continue to carve out a competitive advantage for MCI and for our clients, I have no doubt that they will play an increasing role in our financial success.

As we develop with the goal of doubling our size by 2020, we believe that to be truly prosperous in the long-term we need to go beyond merely focusing on reducing our negative impacts and shift to a net-positive legacy where our work creates significant value for our clients while improving local economies, advancing society and intellectual capital and restoring the natural environment.

Our core purpose is to help our clients unlock their organisation’s potential, power progress and drive global growth by strategically engaging and activating their target audiences. Nowhere is this more important than with sustainable development issues.

This is our fifth sustainability report, and we have significantly improved our approach by migrating to the new GRI G4 Reporting framework and having the report assessed by an independent third party. If your time is scarce, I invite you to read the highlights of our progress. Otherwise, explore our approach to sustainability, understand our core material issues, read some inspiring client stories and review our performance to date.

Great progress has been made but our journey is far from complete. Our commitment and active involvement in the UN Global Compact and other collaborative sustainability networks continues. For our key stakeholders, we need to make sustainability easy to understand and implement, and affordable on a large and small scale. With our sustainability champions, the support of all participants at MCI and our culture of unyielding determination, innovation, entrepreneurship, and quest for quality, I am confident that MCI will continue to be a strong and enduring force for progressive growth and positive change for generations to come.


Sebastien Tondeur

Chief Executive Office


Sustainability is a competitive advantage, an economic opportunity and a driver of innovation. It’s part of a fundamental shift in the way we work and how we do business.

2013 Highlights

2013 was a year of great progress. We won awards, delivered innovative projects, built schools, raised money and improved our processes.


Our Talents

98% of MCI talents say sustainability is critical for our success. Understand how sustainability is a core part of our culture and talent development programmes.


505 events organised

MCI is the leading organiser of events about energy, the environment, social progress and governance. Our consultants strategically engage and activate stakeholders in order to increase sustainable business performance.


Over € 1.3 million raised

In 2013, MCI talents volunteered a total number of 3,380 hours, raising over €330,000, supporting 86 charity projects around the globe and bringing the total amount of money raised for charity since 2009 to €1.3 million.