Stakeholder engagement is an important part of what we do as a business, as an employer, and as a member of broader society. In each of these roles, we use the input from our stakeholders to create, validate and improve our sustainability strategy.

Key Stakeholders

Our management team identifies our primary stakeholders as those who have a significant interest in the actions and views of the company and whose actions and views are, in turn, of significant interest to us. We validate our identified stakeholder groups through comparison with our industry peers.

Our stakeholders are clients, talent, suppliers, the meetings industry, shareholders, alumni, the community, media, NGOs, governments and regulators.

In 2014 we decided to focus on five key stakeholder groups (clients, talent, suppliers, the meetings industry and the community) engaging them via various formal and informal methods. These included:

  • Online Sustainability Survey of 566 employees, and telephone interviews of 19 employees
  • Online Talent Satisfaction Survey of +700 employees
  • 412 face-to-face interviews between employees and their managers during their annual appraisal
  • Online Sustainability Survey of 100 corporate and institutional clients from 20 countries around the world
  • Face to face interaction with clients, suppliers and meetings industry partners in 30 industry sustainability events led or facilitated by MCI management
  • Face-to-face project related meetings

Stakeholder feedback

Learn more about the results from our stakeholder engagement below and in the Talent section