With MCI growing rapidly in new and established markets, in 2013 the company launched a portfolio graphic detailing its full range of strategic services and managed solutions in order to more effectively communicate the breadth and depth of its expertise.

As clients from each of MCI’s key industries partnered with the company on an increasingly strategic level, using a range of services and solutions from across the wheel to effectively address their own unique challenges and opportunities, 2013 brought great success stories and outstanding results from clients around the world.

Value Wheel

Engagement Strategies

Generate effective dialogue to create solutions and influence conversations.

Asset Development

Research new market opportunities and design business and product strategies to achieve sustainable growth and gain entry in new markets.

Brand Enhancement

Ensure that brand messages are clear, strong and differentiate you in the marketplace.

Audience & Channel Strategies

Engage audiences in the way they want, when they want.

Experience Management

Influence behaviour through creative live experiences. It’s all about finding new ways to manage, connect and innovate.

Content & Communication Services

Enhance the impact and relevance of your message and amplify your reach.

Performance Management

Strive for top line growth and measure the effectiveness of your programmes to focus on areas of where enhancements can be achieved.

People Connection Solutions

Reach out through effective interactions to energise and motivate your communities.

The MCI Group delivers these solutions and services through a number of different brands. Read more about our work through our case studies.