2013 Highlights

Review the results of the year through the lens of people, planet & profit. This session details our key financial results, environmental successes and how we supported the community in the places where we work and operate.


Key Performance Indicators

Discover the KPIs that MCI uses to track our performance and analyse our annual progress in meeting our goals between 2010 and the present day.


Office Scorecard

Learn about our strategic performance management tool launched in 2012 to benchmark MCI office performances.

Awards and Recognition

Explore how we recognise outstanding sustainability leadership within MCI and see the recognition the MCI Group has received for our sustainability work in the events industry.

Supply Chain

Assurance Report

Our sustainability report is 3rd party assured – examine the process and read the assurance report here.

Global Reporting Inititative

GRI Content Index

Analyse our disclosures using the GRI Reporting Guidelines. We use the G4 Framework to improve the structure, content and comparability of our online sustainability report.

UNGC Supporter

Communication on progress

Read about our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and how our report serves as a GC Advanced Level “Communication on Progress” (COP).