In the latter half of 2012, we launched our new strategic performance management tool to benchmark office performance in sustainability – our Office Scorecard.

The scorecard tracks the sustainability performance of individual offices with more than 15 employees against their peers. It analyses 5 areas:

  • Office Operations
  • Event Operations
  • Governance
  • Talent and Community
  • Sales

The average office benchmark score increased from 54% in 2012 to 66% in 2013.

Driving Engagement

The design of our scorecard has driven engagement with our sustainability initiative and given us an excellent channel to track current performance  and expectations. We’ve been able to alert our managing directors to areas where performance  is deviating from group expectations. It has helped us provide the support to focus their attention on these areas and has resulted in improved performance and engagement with the initiative across the company. Integrating the sales component allows us to demonstrate value to our successful offices around the programme.

Sustainability Scorecard
  • 45% of offices report they are volunteering more than 8 hours per talent (22% increase over 2013)
  • 50% of offices assessing sustainability and safety on over 80% of events (no movement from 2013). 18% of offices assessing sustainability and safety on 50 to 79% of their projects (no movement from 2013)
  • 72% of offices integrate sustainability information into their large proposals (9% increase from 2012)
Sustainability Best Improvers

Inspiring improvement

It is important to note that even the lower performers are compliant with our core sustainability requirements and exceed industry norms.  We set a minimum performance level of 60 for all major offices in 2013.  Our HQ Sustainability Team are providing specific support to offices that need to improve and the chart below demonstrates that significant improvement can be made quickly.

Our 2014 goal is a minimum performance of 72% by all offices.