MCI’s reporting is prepared and externally assured to be accordance with the new GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a multi-stakeholder organisation that provides a globally applicable framework for sustainability reporting. The framework sets out principles and indicators to measure and report on economic, environmental, and social performance.

We currently report in accordance with the G4 ‘Core’ application level. It represents a balanced and reasonable presentation of our organisation’s economic, environmental, and social performance. The report is externally assured by iCompli – an independent third party auditor. Read their assurance report.

The guidelines require that the Group reports in accordance with GRI on our strategy, our profile, our management approach, and our performance. We also complete the Event Organisers Sector Supplement which includes additional indicators addressing needs that are unique to event businesses.

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Strategy and Analysis

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.1 (EOSS)Statement of CEOMessage from the CEO
G4.2 (EOSS)Describe key impacts, risks and opportunities. Section 1; Organization's key effects on stakeholders. Section 2; The impact of sustainability trends on the organization.Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

Organizational Profile

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.3Organization nameOur Business
G4.4 (EOSS)Primary brands, products and servicesMCI Group Brands
G4.5Organization HQ locationMCI HQ is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Complete list of offices;
MCI Offices
G4.6Geographical activityMCI Offices
G4.7Nature of ownershipOverview
G4.8Report markets servedOur Reporting
Strategic Services
G4.9 (EOSS)Scale of the organization; total # of employees, operations, Net sales, total capitalization, quantity of products usedOverview
G4.10 (EOSS)Breakdown of workforce by contract, gender and locationOur Talent
G4.11% of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreementsNot currently measured, as union membership and collective bargaining is very unusual in our industry and not deemed material at this present time.
Describe supply chainSupply Chain Management
G4.13Report changes regarding size, structure, ownership or supply chain2013 Highlights
G4.14Precautionary approach addressed by the organizationMCI has a range of risk assessment and management processes across our business. In addition, we have analyzed our environmental impacts and taken precautionary action by setting goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

Carbon Emissions
Our Reporting
Supply Chain Management
G4.15Externally developed charters endorsedUN Global Compact COP
G4.16List membership of associationsList of Industry Memberships

Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.17Organization structureCorporate Governance
G4.18Explain process for defining report content and implementation of principlesOur Reporting
G4.19Explain process for defining Material AspectsStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4.20Report Material internal aspect boundariesOur Reporting
G4.21Report Material external boundariesOur Reporting
G4.22Effect of restatement of informationOur Reporting
G4.23Report scope changesOur Reporting

Stakeholder Engagement

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.24List of stakeholder groupsStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4.25Basis for identification and selection of stakeholdersStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
Our Reporting
G4.26Stakeholder engagement approachStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
Our Reporting
G4.27Key topics raised throughout stakeholder engagementStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
Our Reporting

Report Profile

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.28Reporting periodJan 1st to Dec 31st 2013
G4.29Date of previous reportOur latest report was issued in June 2013, and covered the period from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2012
G4.30Reporting cycleAnnual
G4.31Provide contact
G4.32GRI IndexMCI report in accordance with GRI G4 CORE. This is the content index
G4.33Current practice external assuranceAssurance Report


Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.34Governance structure organization, including committees of highest governance bodiesCorporate Governance
G4.36Report whether organization has appointed executive level position with responsibility for economic, environmental and social topics and reporting structureCorporate Governance
G4.38Composition of highest governance bodiesCorporate Governance
G4.39Is chair of the highest governance body also an executive officerCorporate Governance
G4.40Nomination and selection process for highest governance bodiesNomination process managed by Chairman, and any changes must be approved on by Advisory Board and Executive Committee
G4.41Process of highest governance body to ensure conflicts are managedCorporate Governance
G4.42Report highest governance body's roles in development of values towards sustainability impactsCorporate Governance
G4.47Reviewing term of sustainability risks and opportunitiesAnnual
G4.48Highest committee that reviews sustainability reportExecutive Committee and Advisory Board

Ethics and Integrity

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4.56Values, principles, standards and normsCore Values
G4.57Mechanisms for seeking advice on ethical and lawful behaviorEthics

Economic Performance

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
G4-DMAEconomic PerformanceStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-EC1Direct economic value generated and distributedFinancial Results
Our Business Overview
G4-EC8Indirect economic impactsStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-EC9Proportion of spending spent on local suppliersSupply Chain


Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assuracne
DMAEnvironmentalStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-EN3 (EOSS)Energy consumptionCarbon Emissions
G4-EN4Energy consumption outside of organizationCarbon Emissions
G4-EN15Direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1)Carbon Emissions
G4-EN16Direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 2)Carbon Emissions
G4-EN17Direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 3)Carbon Emissions
G4-EN19Direct greenhouse gas emissions reduction achievementsCarbon Emissions
G4-EN27Extent of impact mitigation of environmental impacts of products and servicesExamples provided of mitigation as a result of our Sustainable Events practices.
Results of our Digitisation Strategy not available until 2015.
G4-EN29Monetary value of fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance environmental lawsDuring 2013, MCI incurred no fines
G4-EN31Total environmental protection expenditures and investment by typeMCI invested €145,000 in the sustainability program in 2013 at a Group level. This covered the cost of wages, travel, IT systems, memberships and communication costs.
G4-EN32% of new suppliers screened using environmental impacts in supply chain and actions takenSupply Chain Management
G4-EN33Significant negative environmental impacts in supply chain and actions takenStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
Supply Chain Management

Labour Practices and Decent Work

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
DMALabour practices and decent workStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-LA1Total number and rates of new employee hires and turnover by age group, gender and regionOur Talent
G4-LA6 (EOSS)Type of injury and rates of injury, absenteeism and total number of work related fatalities by region and genderNot measured yet. System and approach to measure will be developed in 2014/2015
G4-LA9 (EOSS)Average hours of training by gender and employee categoryOur Talent
G4-LA10 (EOSS)Type and scope of programs for skills management and lifelong learningOur Talent
G4-LA11 (EOSS)Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews by gender and categoryOur Talent
G4-LA12Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per category according to gender, age group, minority group and other indicatorsCorporate Governance
G4-LA13Ratio of basic salary of women to men by employee categoryNot measured yet. In 2015 a new IT system will be implemented that will give us capability to measure easily.
G4-LA14Percentage of new suppliers screened using labor practices criteriaSupply Chain Management

Human Rights

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
DMAHuman RightsStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-HR3Total number of incidents of discrimination and corrective actionsThere were no cases in 2013


Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
DMASocietyStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-SO3Number and percentage of operations assessed for risks relation to corruption and risks identifiedAll operations assessed. Process being improved in 2014 Ethics
G4-SO4Communication and training on anti-corruption policies and proceduresEthics
G4-SO5Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions takenEthics
G4-SO6Value of political contributions by country and recipientEthics
G4-SO7Number of legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust and monopoly practices and their outcomesEthics
G4-SO8Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with lawsEthics

Product Responsibility

Profile DisclosureDescriptionLevelCross-reference/Direct answerExternal Assurance
DMAProduct ResponsibilityStakeholder Engagement and Materiality
G4-PR1(EOSS)% of significant product and service categories for which health and safety are assessed for improvementHealth and Safety
G4-PR2# of incidents of non-compliancy with regulations and voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products and services during life cycle, by type of outcomeEthics
G4-EO7# & type of injuries and fatalities and notifiable incidents for attendees and other relevant stakeholders.Data not tracked yet at group level. Systems and processes to be implemented in 2015.
G4-PR4# of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning product and service information and labeling, by type and outcomeEthics
G4-PR5Results of customer satisfaction surveysClients
G4-PR7# of incidents of non-compliance with regulations concerning marketing communications, including advertising, promotion and sponsorshipEthics
G4-PR8# of substantiated complaints regarding beaches of customer privacy and losses of dataEthics
G4-PR9Monetary value of significant fines for non-comliance with laws and regulation concerning provision and use of products and servicesEthics
G4-EO11(EOSS)Number, type and impact of sustainability initiatives designed to raise awareness, share knowledge and impact behaviour change, and results achievedThought Leadership
Client Projects