67% of MCI’s own internal carbon emissions are created by the air travel of our staff, with office energy usage accounting for 32% of our internal footprint.

Our goal is to reduce carbon emission intensity by 20% by 2020, and to power all our offices with renewable energy.

Measuring our Emissions

Our internal emissions

Our total greenhouse gas emissions are 5.033 metric tons of CO2 equivalents (tco2e). This equates to 3.4 tco2e per talent. We have reduced the intensity of carbon emissions per talent by 23% since 2010.

Greenhouse Gas SourceCO2CH4N20Total Direct GHGTotal Indirect GHGGrand Total GHG
Metric Tons CO2Metric Tons CO2eMetric Tons CO2eMetric Tons CO2eMetric Tons CO2eMetric Tons CO2e
Air Travel2,7790
Car Travel6000601272
Office Energy1,382081,3901861,576

MCI’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Evolution of Emissions
Evolution of Emissions
Emissions per Euro