Over the last 4 years, MCI talents have raised over €1.3 million for 149 community projects around the world.

Our Approach

Each local sustainability team is responsible for engaging their office talents around an annual Sustainability Plan that includes community outreach actions.

Our goal is that each staff member volunteers 8 hours of their time per year.  In 2013, MCI talents volunteered a total number of 3,380 hours, raising over €330,000 and supporting 86 charity projects around the globe.

Since starting our community action programme in 2008, we have seen a steady increase in the number of causes supported by MCI. In 2013, we achieved an average of 2.23 hours of volunteering activities per talent, falling short of our 8 hour goal. Based on these results, in 2014 we will focus on better ways to manage our teams’ time to allow them to meet our objective and create more value for their local communities.

Key Performance Indicators

Goals 2015Progress 2010Progress 2011Progress 2012 Progress 2013
16hours of pro-bono or community service per talent per year1 hour/employee
880 hours total
1 hour/employee
1,253 hours total
1 hour/employee
1,481 hours total
increase2,23 hours/employee 3404 hours total
Fundraising by MCI Talent€74,086€208,597€480,364
Invest 2% of net profit to MCI sustainability programs€115,0005% - €173,0005% - € 166,000
decrease2,62% - € 149,505