We are committed to integrating our principles of sustainability into the processes and daily work of our global team. We believe in the spirit of winning, of challenging the status quo and never being complacent. With quality as a quest we constantly evolve and innovate, pushing the boundaries of our systems and procedures.

Our Approach

The Sustainability Champion in each office is responsible for leading a local team and working with management to create an annual Sustainability Plan with clear objectives and deliverables for their office. The plan focuses on both improving sustainability performance within the office and on client projects. We benchmark performance between our offices using a balanced scorecard approach. The average office benchmark score was 54% in 2012. This increased to 72% in 2013.

Over the last few years we have learned that the offices delivering the best sustainability performance have achieved their progress through engagement and teamwork. Firstly they have created a Sustainability Team, with key talent from all the major office departments such as sales, event operations, creative and HR and are working collaboratively to integrate sustainability into their local culture and standard operating processes.

Centres of Excellence

In Q3 2014 we will launch a Sustainability Center of Excellence powered by a online learning management system that will allow us to share and manage our sustainability knowledge around the world more efficiently and dynamically.